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Transportation (From Incheon Int’l Airport)

1. KAL Limousine Bus
Bus Number 6704
Busstop Number 4B, 11A
Interval 20~30 Min.
Departure Point Incheon Airport
Arrival Point Imperial Palace Hotel
Fare 15,000 KRW (about $140)
Travel Time Approximately 60-80 minutes.
(Time may vary according to traffic conditions.)
Useful Site for public transportation:


2. Taxi
Taxi is comfortable and easy way to get to the venue. There will be a taxi stand between platforms 4D~8C on the Arrivals floor (1st floor) in the parking area. You can either take Black color taxi or White/Grey color one. Black color taxi is premium one with more expensive and bigger than regular white/grey taxi. It takes approximately 60 to 65 minutes from the airport to the Coex depending on the traffic condition. Black color taxi costs about KRW 100,000 or more. White/grey taxi costs about KRW 60,000. Toll gate fee will be added.


Basic Fee
Platform Number
Standard Taxi
(White/Grey color)
ㆍ24:00 ~ 04:00 additional 20% late night premium.
ㆍStandard taxi costs about KRW 60,000 or more.
Deluxe Taxi
(Black color)
ㆍCar Phone Service / No late night premium fee.
ㆍNo late night premium fee.
ㆍDeluxe taxi costs about KRW 90,000 or more.
Jumbo Taxi
(Up to 9 people)
ㆍCar Phone Service / No late night premium fee.
ㆍCredit cards welcome.
ㆍJumbo taxi costs about KRW 80,000 or more.
International Taxi
- 4D
ㆍOnly for foreigners
ㆍInternational taxi costs about KRW 60,000 or more.


3. Subway
You can get to the conference venue by taking a subway from the airport.
1. Please go to Incheon Int’l Airport (Subway) Station.
2. Transfer to Line 2 at Hongik Univ. Station
(Line 2: Hongik Univ. Station -> Konkuk Univ. Station)
3. Transfer to Line 7 at Konkuk Univ. Station
(Line 7: Konkuk Univ. Station -> Hak-dong Station)
4. Please get off the train at Hak-dong Station.
5. Come out on Exit No.1. It takes less than 10 minutes.
* Useful Site for public transportation: