welcome to korea


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Seoul, Korea for Future Internet Summit (FIS) 2016. FIS aims to provide a venue where Internet researchers in Asia, Europe, and North America share their current research activities and discuss long-term research visions. As many of us already are witnessing everyday, we live in the hyperconnected society. This opens up many new technical and social challenges from PHY technologies to application services. In FIS 2016, we hope to explore how we tackle those challenges and reshape the Internet accordingly. Thanks for your support and participation.

DongMan Lee (Chair, FIF)

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Future Internet Summit 2016, Seoul, Korea

Session I: SDN for Future Internet
- "Future of SDN"
- "Challenges in SDN controller"
- "SDN Application and Network Orchestration"

Session II: Opening Session
- "Opening Remarks"
- "Congratulatory Remarks"

Session III: Panel Session
- "What is most challenging in Future Internet?"

Session IV: Security and Privacy
- "Security and Privacy in the Future Internet (Keynote)"
- "ICN in the IoT with a focus on security and privacy"
- "SGX-based Security"
- "Security Challenges in instant messaging services"