welcome to korea


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Seoul, Korea for FIS 2015. FIS has aimed to provide a venue where internet researchers in Asia, Europe, and North America gather together to share their visions and long-term research activities. As many of us already are witnessing everyday, we live in the era of the Internet of everything. This opens up many new challenges from PHY technologies to application services. In FIS 2015, we hope to explore research directions that can contribute in moving the Internet infrastructure forward. On behalf of all people worked for the preparation of FIS 2015, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all participants.

DongMan Lee (Chair, FIF)

Future Internet Summit 2015, Seoul, Korea

Opening Session
- "Opening Remarks", Dongman Lee
- "Welcome Speech", Seong Ju Kang

Keynote Session 1: Industry
- "Towards Invisible Networks", Sujata Banerjee
- "Intellignece in IoT", Jihie Kim
- "All IT Infrastructure for the Future Mobile Network", Kangwon Lee

Keynote Session 2: Academia
- "Towards Deployment of a Next-generation Secure Internet Architecture", Adrian Perrig
- "Unleashing Middleboxes with New Programming Abstraction", KyoungSoo Park

Future Internet Forum WG Technical Session
- "Towards Network Anarchy", Sung-Ju Lee
- "Software-Defined Security", Seungwon Shin
- "Introduction to SDI (Software Defined Infrastructure)", Sungwon Lee