welcome to korea


Welcome to the Future Internet Summit 2014! This is a forum for sharing visions and research experiences among domestic and international leaders in the field of Future Internet. The initiative of Future Internet has been around practically everywhere in the world for quite a number of years. The past few years especially have observed the emergence of two important technology enablers, several FIA (Future Internet Architecture) proposals and massive-scale federated FI testbeds. Together with the flexibility of SDI (Software-Defined Infrastructure) enabled by Cloud/SDN/NFV technologies, we are beginning the technology journey toward "Open Innovation"with various "Open collaboration." The wholly open and new networking paradigms are believed to provide tremendous impact in shaping the future networking. Thus, in this summit, we review the current status of Future Internet and discuss several specific focuses as keynotes, invited talks, and open discussions. KR-EU testbed collaboration (i.e., SmartFIRE) and KR-Africa FI collaboration (with WACREN) meetings are also collocated as part of this summit. We hope you enjoy the summit event as well as beautiful blue skies of Seoul.
Younghee Lee (Chair, FIF)